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επισκέπτης (ο): [episképtis]
Visitor, guest, caller - a person visiting a person or place, especially socially or as a tourist.

applications are now open for:

Episkeptes, a residency at Kimonos Art Center - Open Call 2023

Located in Paphos, Cyprus, Kimonos Art Center is an independent art center that aims to gather in its space a variety of techniques and make them available to the public through workshops and art classes.

After the first two successful editions of this project, Kimonos Art Center is presenting the third edition of “Episkeptes", a residency program that welcomes artists from around the world to meet and interact, research and create new works in the unique spaces of the Center.

This year, Kimonos Art Center is materializing the project in collaboration with Cittadellarte, the renown Pistoletto Foundation located in Biella, Italy and founded by the Italian maestro Michelangelo Pistoletto. In fact, this year’s edition of this residency program will be focused around the concept of the Third Paradise, and all proposals should be related in a way to this concept, furthermore, all events made during the residency will be included to official celebrations of the Third Paradise by the Cittadellarte Foundation.

Since its beginning, Kimonos Art Center has always been a place where people could gather, exchange ideas and be creative. In the past, the Center has accommodated several artists in its studios and provided them with professional equipment and exhibition possibilities. These artists and art students had the opportunity to explore, create and further develop their work. "Episkeptes" is a continuation of this spirit, trying to bring together international artists with the local creative community.

During "Episkeptes", Kimonos Art Center will accommodate in its spaces two international artists of any visual discipline (sculptors, painters, photographers, installation artists, printmakers, video and multimedia artists) for one month. They will be provided with studio space and equipment to work.


After the first 3 weeks of the residency, the Center will organize and curate, in collaboration with the participating artists, a presentation of the outcome in a local art space.


The quality of artistic creation is one of the major concerns addressed by the program. A selection committee will evaluate the applicants, based on their artistic experience, merit and project proposal.

The program is funded by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Tourism and Youth of the Republic of Cyprus.



It is the fusion between the first and second paradise. The first is the paradise in which humans were fully integrated into nature. The second is the artificial paradise, developed by human intelligence to globalizing proportions through science and technology. This paradise is made of artificial needs, artificial products, artificial comforts, artificial pleasures, and every other form of artifice. Humankind has created a truly artificial world which has triggered, in an exponential manner and in parallel with beneficial effects, irreversible processes of decline and consumption of the natural world. The Third Paradise is the third phase of humanity, realized as a balanced connection between artifice and nature.

The Third Paradise is the passage to a new level of planetary civilization, essential to ensure the survival of the human race. To this purpose we first of all need to re-form the principles and the ethical behaviours guiding our common life.

The Third Paradise is the great myth that leads everyone to take personal responsibility in the global vision.

The term “paradise” comes from the Ancient Persian and means “protected garden”. We are the gardeners who must protect this planet and heal the human society inhabiting it.

The symbol of the Third Paradise, a reconfiguration of the mathematical infinity sign, is made of three consecutive circles. The two external circles represent all the diversities and antinomies, among which nature and artifice. The central one is given by the compenetration of the opposite circles and represents the generative womb of a new humanity. Michelangelo Pistoletto, 2003

The Third Paradise assumes a concrete and operative form through the activities of Cittadellarte and its global network (made of Embassies, Forums and Working Sites, and hundreds of partners), and the best practices presented in Geographies of Change.

Kimonos Art Center and the curator of the residency program “Episkeptes” is the ambassador of the Third Paradise in Cyprus.

You can find more about Cittadellarte and the Third Paradise here: terzoparadiso

Included in the residency:
Accommodation, with access to common kitchen and laundry facilities
Studio space and equipment
Day to day and technical assistance when necessary
Up to 250 euros for travel
1000 euros for each participant to use as pleased (materials and everyday expenses)
Dates and Duration of residency:
The residency will take place between the months of December 2023 and February 2024. The exact dates will be confirmed in communication with the Center.
The program’s duration, including the selected artists’ presentation is one month


Application information:
Project proposal (short description o of the project they are planning to work-on during the residency period)
Artist’s statement     
Short bio and CV     
Suggested dates for their presence          


Application fee:
The application fee (non-refundable) is 25 euros paid via our website. 
This fee will be used to cover the residency expenses.
Please note that, Kimonos Art Center is an independent and non-profit collective and has no profits from the organized events besides covering its basic working costs.

Application deadline:
The application deadline is on October 9th 2023 Any application received after this date will be automatically rejected and will not be considered during the selection process.

- Results:
The results regarding the selected artists to participate will be announced within 15 days after the application deadline and all applicants will be informed by email.
Disciplines, work equipment:
The call is open to all visual artists of any discipline.
In case the applicants require specific requirements concerning the equipment they wish to work with, we suggest they contact Kimonos Art Center () before applying, in order to confirm the availability of such equipment.
Accommodation is included in the program. Each artist is offered a private bedroom, with a private toilet and shower and has access to common kitchen and laundry facilities.
Studio / Workspace:
Each artist is assigned an individual workspace within one of the Center’s studios. These spaces are private or shared with full-time access 24/7.
Expectations towards the artist:
Artists are expected to present the work created during the residency to the public in the form of a presentation or a performance. This event is organized by Kimonos Art Center and curated by Yiannis Sakellis in collaboration with the participating artists.


For any further information please contact:

terzoparadiso_ Michelangelo Pistoletto_r
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