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a Kimonos Art Center production

30/04/2022 - 15/05/2022

Andreas Stylianides park Geroskipou

large scale mural on a wate rtower in the town of Geroskipou

Surrounded by the water as the island that hosts it, there's a female figure that looks ahead, while all the lives passes through her hands.

A gentle tribute to the figure of the goddess Aphrodite (as here according to the Greek mythology, it's where her sacred gardens were located) with the will to underline the role and the importance of water, the real main character, not only in the mural, but in all Cyprus, located in a such unique position in the Mediterranean sea, but that still fights the most dramatics water shortages of Europe.

project sponsored by Korantina Homes Ltd

with the support of Geroskipou municipality

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